Koster Landscape Design has been created under the passion for nature, beauty, designing and life.

The founder of the company is Mr. Henk N.T. Koster, the Mastermind that was behind the famous Keukenhof gardens (Lisse, the Netherlands) for more than 30 years, creating unique designs which made it grow up to one of the top worldwide gardens.

The designer himself likes to play with forms and life in natural ways, combining beautiful flowers, plants and trees. All sketches and designs are still traditionally made by hand, as Mr. Henk N.T. Koster truly believes in the uniqueness and timelessness of hand-crafted art. His favorite inspiration is the Spring flower bulb. Spring flowers give the first colors after wintertime in the world of plants. That is the power of the bulbs!

The designs are always a successful fusion between English landscapes, modern and formal gardens. With more than 40 years of experience in naturalizing Spring flower bulbs, we started implementing this kind of process onto golf courses as well, creating spectacular designs on rough and challenging environments, resulting in long-lasting successes.

Koster Landscape Design operates internationally, designing for governments, companies and individuals. Being well known for designing parks, country-estates and flower exhibitions, our area of expertise consists of manufacturing planting plants based on Spring flower bulbs and perennials for parks and garden manifests. Additionally, we develop new concepts for existing parks and new exhibitions to make them more attractive.

We provide various services based on trust, respect and wishes of our customers. Koster Landscapes Design’s portfolio includes, besides numerous individual plans, big international projects.